Wildlife Rehabilitation

If you encounter injured, ill, or orphaned wildlife, please contact your Department of Natural Resources or regional Game and Fish Office for further information. Wildlife rehabilitation centers and organizations may also offer assistance. Visit the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association for more information. Local veterinarians may also rehabilitate wildlife.

  • Do not take baby wildlife from the wild.
  • Quietly observe wildlife from a respectable distance.
  • Do not try to care for wildlife on your own; many species require specialized handling and care. There is great potential to do more harm than good.
  • Do not keep wildlife as pets; in many cases, it is illegal to posses wildlife without proper state and federal licenses and permits.
  • Do not approach or handle unfamiliar animals or animals exhibiting abnormal behavior; injuries (bites, scratches) and disease transmission are risks. 
  • Report abnormal animal behavior and animal bites to appropriate authorities such as animal control, veterinarian, or wildlife agency.


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Arizona Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities

Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center: Phoenix

East Valley Wildlife: Phoenix area

Liberty Wildlife: Scottsdale

Southwest Wildlife: Scottsdale

Tucson Wildlife Center: Tucson

Wild at Heart: Cave Creek

*For more information about wildlife rehabilitation in Arizona, including a list of licensed rehabilitators and facilities, visit the Arizona Game & Fish website.



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