Wildlife Health and Disease

elk calf

Updates involving important wildlife disease topics, including those of zoonotic potential and public health concerns. Check here often! Additional resources will be included for further exploration and understanding.

5/20/2016: Amphibians, Reptiles, and Salmonella: Staying Safe!

5/17/2016: Veterinary drug could cause major drop in vulture numbers in Spain, new study confirms

2/8/2016: Fun with Wildlife Immobilization!

2/6/2016: Fish Health Laboratory Externship: Pinetop, Arizona

8/31/2015: Rabies Virus

7/8/2015: Myiasis in Wildlife

7/6/2015: World Zoonoses Day 2015!

6/26/2015: Oral Sylvatic Plague Vaccine in Gunnison’s Prairie Dogs

3/29/2015: Chronic Wasting Disease

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