Burro Creek, AZThe Pigeon Loft is based upon a small loft that has been located in Northern Arizona for over 20 years. Fair Skies Loft is where Stacie developed her interest in pigeons, doves and, in particular, veterinary medicine where she helped to care for and rehabilitate injured, ill, and orphaned pigeons that she found. Stacie went on to earn both her BS and DVM degrees from Colorado State University. She currently resides in Arizona and continues to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor interests, hobbies, and activities, especially those involving birds and wildlife!

“Yes, pigeons. Those ‘rats with wings’ and ‘disease bags’ that are so hated by today’s society. I suppose it was this hatred by our society that made me wonder why. All I ever saw was a pudgy gray bird bee-bopping along to an invisible set of headphones; not quite the disgusting creature I had once been led to believe.  Throughout the course of my life, I have seen injured pigeons thrown out into dumpsters, while others were poisoned and shot at.  Regarded as a nuisance and invasive species, feral pigeons are not liked very much today. They are messy, no doubt about it, as are a lot of birds, especially when they congregate due to their gregarious nature. But as the ordinary city dwellers they may be, it turns out that these pests have diverged from the common rock dove (Columba livia) into hundreds of different breeds and varieties to match. In fact, extreme diversity in the pigeon is what prompted Charles Darwin to use them in his research. Furthermore, they have been associated in the past with love and fertility goddesses, depicted as religious symbols, and were even recruited during both World Wars to carry and deliver crucial and life-saving messages.  Interestingly, pigeons have also been used as laboratory animals, serving an important role in medical research history.

In my early years, caring for injured pigeons and other birds prompted my interest in veterinary medicine. I was crazy enough to pursue this field and successfully graduated with my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree in 2014. Although I no longer breed or show pigeons, I would like to continue with the hobby in the future. In the meantime, I enjoy writing about them and connecting with other bird enthusiasts from around the world!”

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