Q & A: How do I discourage pigeons from nesting on my home or business?

Q: How do I get rid of pigeons?

A: I found this article in my local newspaper this morning- about pigeons! Feral pigeons, to be exact. Although it is not ideal for large flocks to congregate, as they are messy, noisy, and can be a health hazard, I think this article gives a few good tips to help discourage feral pigeons from nesting. Those plastic owls? Yeah, they don’t work.

Pigeons are attracted to the 3 basic necessities: food, water, and shelter.

First and foremost: remove food and water sources. These two resources alone will entice just about anything to linger. Pigeons are smart, they are problem solvers and will find a way to access feed (including dog and cat food) if it is not properly stored or disposed of.

Second: remove or block access to nesting areas. Pigeons can be prolific breeders and return to areas where they can safely raise their young. Even feral pigeons retain their homing instincts and where they nest is usually their home. Blocking these areas can eventually force them to relocate elsewhere.

What I do not agree with: poisoning. Poisoning is a terrible way to eradicate an organism, not only for the individual animal, but you also risk secondary poisoning to predators and scavengers who ingest the victim. Birds of prey, wild carnivores, and even cats and dogs can be poisoned unintentionally when a toxicant is administered.

Some cities employ raptors to help control and discourage pigeon populations- Hawk and the city.

The best thing to do is to frighten the pigeons away as soon as you notice them or when they are exhibiting nesting behavior. Do not allow them to congregate in the first place!

via Eavesdroppers: Getting rid of pigeons isn’t easy | Kingman Daily Miner | Kingman, AZ


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