Basic Pigeon Skeletal Anatomy- Part II

Part II of the anatomy blog I wrote earlier, which can be found here.

The anatomy I cover in this blog includes the skull, wings, and sections of the vertebral column.

pigeon skeleton

1. Premaxilla 8. Humerus
2. Dentary 9. Ulna (paired with the radius)
3. Sclerotic ring within the orbit 10. Carpometacarpus
4. Frontal 11. Second digit, phalanx 1
5. Parietal 12. Second digit, Phalanx 2
6. Occipital 13. Caudal vertebrae
7. Cervical vertebrae

A more detailed view of wing structures:

Image source:

References and resources:

  1. Proctor, Noble S., and Patrick J. Lynch. “The Skeleton.” Manual of Ornithology: Avian Structure & Function. New Haven: Yale UP, 1993. 117-47. Print.

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